In the Workshop

Richard turning

Each flute is hand-turned from carefully selected wood of the highest quality. Polished brass rings on the socket joints and at the tuning slide enhance the appearance of the instrument, but more importantly, protect the joints.

Before polishing, each flute is carefully tuned. These are D flutes, perfect for Irish traditional music where most of the airs and tunes are in the scale of either D or G. They can, of course, be used for any kind of traditional music.

During the manufacturing process the bore of each flute is sealed by repeated applications of Bore Oil. The outside of each flute is polished using a non-toxic finish that combines linseed oil and natural resins. This process results in a beautiful lustre on the finished flute, with a sensuous feel, which enhances the player's enjoyment of the instrument.

Both the inside and outside treatments are completely non-toxic and free of any volatile organic compounds.

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