The Flutes

"Small Hands" Flutes

Arrangement of flutes

Richard's two-piece and three-piece flutes are available in his "small hands" format in addition to the regular spacing.

He developed this in response to the great number of people who had difficulty with the regular stretch. There is no extra cost for this feature.

Two-Piece Flutes with Tuning Slide

These are two-piece flutes with a brass tuning slide instead of the cork joint. This allows the player to tune up or down a little for group playing.

These flutes come in walnut, maple, as well as more exotic woods like ziricote, ebony or cocobolo.

Three-Piece Flutes

These flutes have a brass tuning slide at the head joint and a cork joint in the body. They are available in walnut, maple, as well as more exotic woods.

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