In the Workshop

Glenn making Bodhran

Each drum is laminated using a hand-crafted mold designed by Glenn. Exact measurements are taken so the circumference and height of each drum is properly aligned. The corresponding tuning ring is also made on an individual basis using the outer drum rim as a mold. This ensures a close fit of the outer rim and the tuning ring, giving the skin a solid foundation for a great sound. The tuning mechanisms are mounted to the rim so that the mounting hardware is hidden, which gives the bodhrán a clean look. The skin is then chosen to pair with the rim and attached to the drum with a black leather strip and decorative tacks. To enhance the sound, tape is applied to the skin to reduce ringing and overtones.

Glenn making BOdhran

The rim and tuning ring are carefully selected layers of solid wood of different grains. This ensures a high quality solid rim that helps produce the desired harmonious qualities of high�s and bottom end lows of the skin. Cross braces are not standard as the rim keeps its shape due to the multi grain layers and the moulding process.

Skin: Medium to heavy density goat skins are used for optimized tone.

Tuning System: An eight point tuning system is used for two reasons: To be able to tune to precise levels and accommodate different playing styles. To combat the effects of changing weather conditions.

Leather banding strip and tacks are standard for completing the bodhrán.

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