Care & Maintenance

Changes in temperature and humidity levels will affect the state and lifespan of the skin (animal in this case) and the drum frame of the bodhrán.

One must remember these are natural products that expand and contract in relation to the above mentioned weather changes. Climate change will also impact a bodhrán depending on where you reside or where you travel with your drum.

  • Obtaining a good case or bag will help protect the drum from damage and will also help it resist some of those weather changes as well.
  • Store your bodhrán in a location where it is not exposed to drastic temperature changes
  • Slacking off the tuneable ring when you have finished playing will extend the life of the skin
  • Treatments are available for use on the skin to help keep the skin in good condition (I personally do not use any treatment).

Taking basic proper care and utilizing these small steps will ensure that your instrument will have a lasting life.

Copyright 2018 Richard Cox & Glenn Wray