InstrumentsRichard Cox is an Irish craftsman, living in London, Ontario, who has been making beautiful artifacts from wood for over thirty years. He has worked in many areas of woodwork in that time including cabinetmaking, joinery, millwork, and more recently, solid wood furniture specializing in dining tables. His interest in musical instrument making started in the 1970�s with a night class with Irish harp maker Jan Muyllaert in Navan, Ireland. This resulted in an ongoing hobby, which saw the production of some classical guitars, mandolins and bouzoukis over a number of years.

Richard built his first woodturning lathe in about 1975, and has been turning since then - everything from bowls to balusters for staircases. All of this experience has now been brought to bear in producing his beautiful wooden flutes, combining his passion for Irish traditional music with his commitment to the highest quality workmanship. He has been making flutes for about six years and to date has made 160 flutes from 16 different species of hardwoods, each one a labour of love.

Glenn was born and raised and still makes his home in London, Ontario. Growing up in a do-it yourself household, he learned from his parents how to design and build. This attitude of figuring it out for yourself transferred into job experiences where he was the go-to person for creative solutions.

Glenn was exposed to music through family music nights where he was able to try different instruments. When he started to learn how to play guitar as a teenager, Glenn had to learn upside-down to accommodate being left-handed. He quickly got tired of that and switched the strings so he could play left-handed. His interest grew and moved into folk & celtic music. The search for instruments turned into adapting instruments from right to left-handed and continued into repairing guitars and mandolins for other people. The experience gained from the repairs progressed into making instruments from scratch.

Glenn met Richard through the London Irish Folk club and their mutual interests meant that Glenn was able to develop and cultivate new techniques with Richard�s help.
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